Warsaw, Poland. Tallinn, Estonia – February 22, 2016 – Netscan sp. z o. o. and Sevana Oü today announce their partnership on design and development of a modern real time call quality monitoring system for mobile operators, a new product that enables real time RTP monitoring. The solution is built on NetScan monitoring system, NetProbe 10G and Sevana Passive Voice Quality Analyzer (PVQA). NetProbe 10G is a DGT network tapping device, dedicated to interception, inspection and filtering of IP traffic sent over fiber optic lines. It can be used in applications such as network monitoring and lawful interception or work with various databases as a highly efficient data acquisition device. PVQA is a technology based on proprietary Sevana algorithms providing detection of voice quality impairments used to build Mean Opinion Score prediction according to ITU-T P.800 standard.

Typically, real time call quality monitoring in packet switched networks is built on analysis of information available in the packet stream. However, relying only on this information is not enough in modern networks. Joining outstanding features of NetScan monitoring products and Sevana technologies brings ideas of real time call quality monitoring in mobile networks for the next level providing not only packet related metrics, but also information about voice quality impairments that influenced media quality and prediction on possible root cause of the problem.


About Netscan sp. z o. o.

NetScan is a technology company providing a powerful, flexible network monitoring system that extracts information directly from the control and user plane and makes it accessible in real-time. NetScan supports fixed and mobile (including GSM-R) voice and data networks, from SS7 to LTE – all in one system. The very unique feature is the support for shared-RAN networks (MOCN & MORAN), including secure data separation between mobile network operators involved.


About Sevana Oü

Sevana is a technology company focusing on voice and sound quality analysis tools and technologies for telecommunications service providers. Sevana is vendor of Audio Quality Analyzer (AQuA) used for end-to-end media quality evaluation, open source based voice quality monitoring solution and hi-tech software products.



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