User Data Analysis

nScan Monitoring System offers advanced analysis of UP (User Plane).  With DPI technology, each IP flow  is matched with user application or protocol. High performance probes allows to monitor traffic up to 400Gb/s per site. 

Advanced DPI Technology


nScan Probe embeds QOSMOS  ixEngine®, delivered by ENEA Company, to inspect and analyse network data in real time. It provides accurate detection of today’s most popular applications with the ability to extract metadata and application attributes from the network traffic. Different technologies such as deep packet inspection (DPI), behavioral, heuristic and statistical analysis are used to analyze the IP packet in order to determine the protocol and application and other application based attributes of the traffic.


QOSMOS  ixEngine® accurately detects applications based on Layer 7 protocols (e.g. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox), as well as detection of application client service functionality such as audio, video or file transfer for deeper insight. .

High Performance Probes


UP probes are  based on of-the-shelf high performance servers. Server configuration depends on expected traffic volumen to be processed.


Specialized network interface cards (NICs) based on cutting edge Xilinx FPGA technology are used to maximize volume of traffic which can e processed. Those cards provide packet filtering, advanced  processing, traffic management, load balancing and host offloading mechanisms and support various connectivity variants: 8x10GE, 2x40GE, 2x25GE and 2x100GE


Probes are scalable as servers can be cascaded to increase volume of traffic which can be processed.

Scalable probe, 4x100G

Intuitive Traffic Visualization


nScan Application provides intuitive, advanced UP traffic visualization.


Traffic metrics can be visualized either as aggregated per specific time period, either as a timeline to show how those metrics are changing over time.


Traffic can be aggregated per protocol/application, category of protocols, APN, Cell, GGSN/P-GW or SGSN/eNB.

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